Introduction to Trail Riding

Introduction to Trail Riding (ITR) is the next level DirtBike School course designed to familiarize riders with riding off-road on actual trails. The ITR course builds on the knowledge developed in the CRE course and teaches more advanced riding skills. A DBS Coach will guide ITR students through lessons including:

Learn Off-Road, Advanced Skills
DirtBike School, Dirt Bike Training, Safety

  • Riding in sand, water, mud and rocks
  • Depending on the area, riding in snow and ice or tight woods
  • Stopping and turning around on hills, riding up & downhills, including progressing to steeper uphills and downhills
  • Traversing and stopping, and alternate method, steeper downhills (Bulldogging)
  • Riding whoops and ruts, and drop-offs and ledges and crossing ditches

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